How It Works

Whether you are a student seeking pocket money, homemaker, internet marketer, digital nomad in pursuit of location independent source of income, a traveler with a mission to visit every country, a non-profit activist raising fund for the cause you strongly believe it or just anyone who is looking for an investment free way to leverage your creativity and make some money, we at have just the thing for you! is a unique platform that helps you create and sell customized t-shirts to customers all over India through the World Wide Web. What’s more? It’s completely free to join and comes with absolutely no risks. All you need to do is start sharing your campaign and then rake up on the sales!


Did you say it’s free and with no risks?


Yes! All you need to do is pursue the following steps –


·   Create your Designs in a Few Clicks

With the help of our feature rich tool all you need to do select a product and create a design of your choice. With our customization tool you will be able to easily upload an image file and create your own visual identity. Ignite the graphic designer in you.


Aren’t sure if you have enough inspiration in you? Contact our graphic design team for some professional help!


·   Launch your Campaign

Before you get excited about all the potential profits, we suggest you set a sales goal along with the price of the product and the profits you intend to make on each sale. Give your campaign an interesting name and write a message for the audience you intend to cater to. Remember that higher your sales goals the higher will be your profits. We allow our customers to set goals as small as 5 going up to Tens of thousands of t-shirts. The best part about this system is that, if you selected goals are not met with, your t-shirts do not go into print and no one is charged, hereby minimising risks even more!


·   Sharing your Products


With the help of a unique URL that you, you will be able to spread information about your product(s) on various social media platforms and via email. Reach out to your friends, family, business associates and customers by sharing your creations and maximizing your orders.


Leave the Rest to Us!


Once you have reached your sales goals, we at take care of the rest for you. All your t-shirts are printed here in India on premium quality tees made from fabric sourced from giants like Arvind Mills and Alok Textiles and delivered to each one of your buyers in 10-15 working days using multiple logistic partners. *sigh*


It is now time to cash in your profits and get your creative juices flowing to create more designs and improve your sales prospects on For more information on our platform, write to us on