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The Conceptualisation is an innovative start up that aimed to revolutionise the customised T-shirt designing market. From people who support a cause with passion to those promoting a club or society, an influential blogger with a fan base to talented artists wishing to display their creations or a budding internet marketer, all kinds of people have found great use of the service provided by

To start with the process all you need to do is create your T-shirt design, pitch a particular goal and set your campaign dates. After that it is all about sharing your campaign on social media sites and waiting for orders to start trickling in. As soon as your selected goal is reached, we will begin printing and shipping the orders from our side. Once an entire campaign is complete you can reap in the benefits of your not so hard work! We at would do all the heavy lifting for you.

Joining us at can be beneficial especially because:

·         There are no Upfront Costs or Charges

We only charge a fixed base price on your products sold to cover the costs at our end instead of charging the seller a fee to join us, making it a desirable offer. An offer not even Don Carleone himself would refuse. Can He?

·         Let Us handle Inventory and Such Matters as You Design

You do not need to worry about the printing, sizes, payment collection and delivery or such details related to your order as we take care of those functions for you. We love to do complicated tasks on our user’s behalf.

The Innovative Tools and Creating a Product

At our T.shirt designer app you can create your T-shirt online by even customising the design and such things of the product. The ease with which you can create designs makes it an irresistible job. Ignite the Leonardo da Vinci in You!

Guaranteed Standards

We ensure you have access to only the best quality of material and printing services to create quality products. We use only premium quality fabrics for our T.shirts. We visit our manufacturer’s premise very often for cup of tea and biscuits, to inspect the fabric quality and working conditions. While we get the premium quality fabric sourced from giants like Arvind Mills and Alok Textiles at our supplier, we believe they can certainly improve in brewing a perfect cup of tea for us.

Getting Started

1) Create the Design

Our customisation tools can help you create quirky and fun t-shirts in a matter of minutes. You may even upload images or request assistance from our in house designers who are always ready to help.


2) Launch the Campaign

Once you have a design in hand, start setting up the goal, price and desired profit. You can then set up a campaign complete with a description and relevant information to the design in particular.

3) Start Sharing

Using the URL for your product spread the word on social media sites and among your friends to ensure you meet with your determined goals. There are many ways to ignite the record breaking sale of your design, you can using Facebook advertising, Pinterest boards, Instagram to name a few. Please visit Ignitees University pages to learn internet marketing methods that have helped others.

4) Let Us Take Care of Your Needs

As soon as you reach your goals we will start printing and shipping the orders out. After that it is all a matter of waiting for the payments to clear so that you can enjoy the profits as you see fit.


For more information regarding the process or any other assistance, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us at