What areas do you deliver to?

We currently deliver to over 6000 Pincodes across India.

What are the costs associated with shipping?

Cost of shipping is flat Rs 30 for upto 3 items.

What is the average time taken for a delivery?

The products are dispatched not more than 14 days after a campaign is over. Average time taken to deliver a product, once dispatched, is 2-4 business days.

How can I make the payment?

We accept strive to provide you with a secure payment gateway and accept PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, AMEX and Cash On Delivery.

When will I be charged?

As soon as a campaign is successful, you will be charged for the product.

What do you mean by an unsuccessful campaign?

When the goal is not met, the t-shirts are not printed either and hence no charge is made to your account.

Who can make use of Ignitees.com?

Artists, designers, entrepreneurs, internet marketers, supporters of a social cause and all kinds of people can make use of Ignitees to promote their work or cause with ease. Anyone who can type ignitees.com.

How long will a campaign last?

A campaign may last anywhere from 3-21 days depending on the seller’s choice.

What is the goal and how is it determined?

A goal is decided by the seller to determine the minimum number of pieces required to be made for sale as well as your profit on it. However, you can continue selling after this goal is met. 

How many items can you sell on Ignitees.com?

You may sell as many products as you desire at a time. It is free.

How is the price of a product decided?

The price of a product may be decided by the seller. However, a minimum amount is set by Ignitees itself to ensure the costs are covered.

How much will it cost me to use Ignitees?

We do not charge the seller to use our website. However, we charge a base price for the heavy lifting that we do at our end (such as manufacturing t-shirts, printing and shipping) on the products sold and transfer the profit/fund back to the creators.

What information should be provided in the description of the product to be sold?

Your description should to precise and interesting. It should inspire buyers to pay attention and motivate them to support your cause. You may even modify this description once the campaign has begun.

How is social media incorporated with the website?

We ensure that every campaign has the ability to be linked with Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and Pinterest complete with buttons.

Can a campaign be ended earlier or lengthened?

As long as it does not go beyond the minimum and maximum number of days, campaign dates can indeed be modified.

Can the price of a product be modified?

The price of the product can only be changed before a person makes a purchase. Once the campaign has gone live and a purchase has been made, it can not be.

What is the quality/detail of t-shirt and fabric used for production?

The t-shirts are produced with premium quality cotton fabric sourced from reputed textile companies like Arvind Mills and Alok textiles. These are pre-washed and pre-shrunk t-shirts and there would be no fading of colour or changes in size after washing at home. However dark colours may lose tinge in first wash. Our sizes are standard.

Can the goals of the campaign be modified?

Yes. However, it will lead to a reduced profit as the fixed costs will remain constant.

For more information or to clarify a doubt, please get in touch with us at support@ignitees.com